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KYAB YUL-SA came out from the meeting of Lobsang Chonzor, Margaux Liénard and
Julien Lahaye. Lobsang Chonzor has been travelling all over the world for more than fifteen years, sharing with audiences music and dances he is one of the rare experts of. A worthy representative of the culture of his home country, Tibet.
He met the violinist Margaux Liénard in France : this is when he was first exposed to
Irish, Scandinavian and French style fiddling, which she herself had gleaned and mastered during her own musical travels. They then crossed paths with Julien Lahaye, a percussionist who studied with a handful of select masters in India and Middle East. From his journey, he came back with, among other things, the delicate art of zarb playing under his belt.
The union of these three musicians resulted in their decision to build bridges among the
very different cultures they had acquired along their respective journey. One can then already hear the echoes of a new language in the distance : it is the sound of their very own musical language.
Somewhere between here and nowhere, having escaped from the Tower of Babel and
found themselves in the land of exile, the musicians of Kyab Yul-Sa are having a passionate conversation : they may be dealing with the Himalayas, fjords or the Caspian sea. Let us listen to them !

"Unsurprisingly, the outcome of their collaboration is international in language, style and instrumentation. Chonzor’s rich, mournful voice successfully summons a sense of a lost home, accompanied by his equally evocative dranyen (lute, best heard on ‘Aku Pema’); Tibetan dungchen (horns) and monastery bells and cymbals also make cameo appearances. Lahaye’s percussion is forceful and urgent on ‘Dhamdul Nyenkyong’ and ‘Lungta’, while Liénard’s string accompaniments evince undeniable talent – ‘Da Day Dawn’, for instance, is a beautifully played Shetland air."

THOMAS WILLIAMS - Songlines Magazine

Kyab Yul-Sa

Kyab Yul-Sa

"Résonance d'exil(s)"


11 juin 2023  // Fresnes

6 août 2023  // Festival de l'arbre qui marche Grand-Auverné (44)

19 août 2023 15h  // Parc Saint Pierre Calais (62)

9 septembre 2023 20h30  // Théâtre d'Arras Le Tandem Arras (62)

17 février 2024   // Fête du violon Luzy (58)

23 mai 2024   // Studio de l'Ermitage Paris

Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Kyab Yul Sa
Résonance d'exils_816829378451408_3806791353405881508_o
Résonance d'exils



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